Lobbying for SLA’s xTreme Reference Conference

First Street staff joined up with special library association members and others interested at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory for a day of networking and learning. The MD chapter of SLA organized and hosted xTreme Reference (http://units.sla.org/chapter/cmd/xreference.htm) with an excellent line up of speakers. The conference covered topics such as mobile reference, navigating government data, visualization tools and the delivery of next generation research services. The meeting allowed special librarians to interact with each other, with experts in the field and with vendors. We were there to introduce First Street and offer a sneak peek of the exciting new platform.

Mary Ellen Bates (http://www.batesinfo.com/) opened the program as the keynote speaker. She talked about the changing role of the librarian, from gatekeeper to value adder between the information and the user.

The morning’s breakout sessions covered e-books and various content segments (government, business research and science & technology resources). The afternoon was filled with sessions on library services, mobile reference, and next generation tools.

First Street Team

First Street Team at xTreme Reference October 2010

The conference was a great way to interact with librarians and researchers interested in making their directory searches easier and quicker. First Street, with its dynamic database and deep archive of Congressional and Federal agency staff, linked with lobbyists and PAC’s provides a comprehensive picture of the people, organizations and issues shaping policy. First Street is not just another online directory, it’s a research tool to save you time and learn about who is influencing who in Washington.


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